Farm San Vincenzo

The farm is specialized in the production of superior quality extra-virgin olive oil. The extracted oil is obtained from more than 5.000 plants present in the property. To these have been recently added other 1.000 plants for the production of table olives.

The harvest takes place from the end of October to the end of November. The olives are processed in the company’s oil mill within twenty-four hours, in order to minimize heating and fermentation processes.

Cold-working guarantees the highest quality of the product. In fact, we produce only extra virgin olive oil with very low acidity and an intense flavor.

A part of the oil is marketed wholesale as IGP Toscano. A part is instead packaged in 3 or 5 liter cans and in ½ liter or ¾ bottles. This last part is sold directly in the farm under the brand name “L’olio della Pia”.